Uni of Ulster Twitter

This project is currently down as it caused some controversy, but you can still read about it below.

Don’t you just love those feedback forms you get on the last day of the semester?  The ones that say ‘Give 5 suggestions on how to improve this module’ and the like?  This year, I am not filling in a single one.  Instead I am handing in a Twitter account from every student at the University of Ulster.

What started off as a bit of fun and a way for Lee Munroe, Kyle Boyd and myself to rant about the University of Ulster’s annoying habits, turned into a proper project where I decided that every UU student should have their voice heard.  What good is a feedback form after 12 weeks when you have forgotten everything that has happened?  What you need is a short sharp method of ranting [or praising] at your fingertips all the time.

This is where ‘Uni of Ulster‘ comes in. [I can’t believe uniofulster.com was actually available!]  Students can now rant in 140 characters or less.  And if UU wants to take notice of its students opinions then they can follow the Twitter account and view the students tweeting in real time about their problems. The anonymity aspect to this project is also a big selling point as most people are reluctant to actually say what they feel for fear of repercussions.

Obviously there is going to be a lot of rubbish posted on it too, but hopefully some good stuff will seep through allowing UU to see what their students are really thinking.

For the site I kept it really simple, pushing the actual comments as the focus point.  I recoloured the Twitter bird logo to represent UU’s colours.  Nice, eh?  The latest tweet is top of the pile with the last 5 comments listed below it.  There is a short blurb about the project, a disclaimer and a link to this site in the footer.

The deep red colour is to subtly get across the rage that students sometimes feel with UU’s policies. I should point out that the University of Ulster is a great university and it has worked out great for me over the past few years.  There are however, as with all universities, little problems that I wish could be addressed.  This project is not designed to slam UU but intended to display the student body’s voice in a clearer method and hopefully making a great university a little bit better. :)