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I’m a Nice Person!

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I have been featured as the latest Nice Person on We Are Just Creative!

we are just creative

WAJC is a great site, and one that I frequently visit, where insightful articles are written by creative individuals on various design topics.  It has been created by talented graphic designer Graham Smith from I’m Just Creative. If you are at all interested in the design world I would recommend you follow Graham on Twitter for some a great insight.

WeAreJustCreative is an audio & visual community magazine. Simply, you can submit anything that you have designed, coded, composed, directed, developed or written, sketched or jotted. This includes computers, digital art, real life art, photos of pottery, paintings and sculptures, clothing, lego. Anything creative.

nice person paddy donnelly

Who says nice guys finish last? :)