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Have you ‘Extreme Stumbled’ yet?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I’d like to think I have an extreme lifestyle.  Sometimes I run up stairs really fast and get a little dizzy and I have been known to eat something that’s a day out of date.

Another one of my daredevil hobbies is ‘Extreme Stumbling’ [I think I may have coined a phrase there].

How to Extreme Stumble

Basically hold down cmd [ctrl on pc] + click like a madman on the ‘Stumble’ button on the StumbleUpon toolbar, opening loads of new pages in tabs.  I find this method of stumbling to be far superior than the regular boring method of one at a time.  Come on, that’s for sissies.

Extreme Stumbling is an inspiration overload!  It’s also a great way of seeing how much decent content you usually get in comparison to inspirational posters.


  • Keep hitting ‘Stumble’ until someone in the office looks to see what the noise is or until your finger falls off [My record is 113 open tabs]
  • Go through each tab one at a time.  Don’t be skipping ahead now!
  • Don’t close the browser until you have seen all tabs

Guaranteed to get:

  • An annoying sound/music playing from one tab that you cannot find
  • At least one naked lady
  • Inspired like hell


  • Finding your own site
  • Finding a duplicate

Anybody else do this or is it just me?

Web 2.0rigami

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

After creating my Twitter bird logo in an origami style a week ago, I wondered what other icons would look good all origamized.  Turns out a few of the web 2.0 apps/sites look great, so I decided to create a little collection for everyone to use as they see fit.  I suppose you could look at these with the view that web 2.0 companies can be extremely beautiful objects, yet are still very fragile and can be crushed instantly.

You can download the set of 15 below, which includes the origami icons in a variety of sizes in transparent pngs, and the PSD and EPS files.

Let me know what you think of them, and feel free to suggest any other ones to include.  I had a bit of fun with IE for all you web designers out there ;)

Web 2.0rigami [All files, PSD, EPS, transparent pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [Transparent Pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [PSD file]

Web 2.0rigami [EPS file]

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