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Lefft, my new portfolio site

Monday, September 5th, 2011

My new portfolio site has just emerged into the world wide web, blinking in its responsive juices. Have a look at to see some of my illustration and design work.

More work coming there soon.

That inevitable welcome post

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

I know everyone hates these first ‘welcome’ posts on new blogs but hey it has to be done, eh? I couldn’t very well just start into the blogging madness could I?  What sort of person would you think I was then?

Anywho, welcome welcome!  This, as you have gathered, is my new blog for I am Paddy, the online playground for Paddy Donnelly and all his wild and wonderful adventures.  Hang on, why am I talking in the 3rd person.  This is Paddy who is typing!  Ok so you’re gonna find a whole heap of stuff on here including my projects interesting finds on the old interweb and other thoughts, theories and rants.

There is a portfolio site at, however it is currently in the ‘little animated construction worker’ phase, but will be ready asap.  Promise :)

So have a wee peek around the site, there’s a few wee things down the side there like my twitter feed, delicious links and flickr photos.

Think thats enough for you to be getting on with, so i’ll say bye for now.

You’re looking nice today by the way :)