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New website: A live creation process.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

It’s very hush hush at the minute [that’s why I’m posting it on the Internet] but I’m working on a new ‘I Am Paddy’ website, which will incorporate my blog, interviews, pet projects and other such tidbits.  I have decided to do it a little differently though and have a ‘live’ creation process.

Instead of just the final reveal, I will post sketches and designs along the way so you can see what’s involved in the process.  Also I think it will help give me a little more discipline if I have ‘deliverables’ along the way, and some feedback from you guys would be great too! :)

A different way of working but I think it suits the ‘open source’ world we now live in.

First Teaser

Well the first little nugget is that the new site will involve this little guy and a few of his friends…


I’ll keep you posted with some new sketches this week!

Interview with Elliot Jay Stocks

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Elliot over some beers in Leuven last friday, where he was speaking at the conference. He was kind enough to do a skype interview so here are the thoughts of a designer, illustrator, speaker, author, sometimes musician and international man of mystery

Elliot’s links

  1. Website
  2. Book
  3. EP
  4. Twitter


  1. Tim Van Damme
  2. Khol Vinh – Subtraction
  3. Squared Eye
  4. Mike Kus – The Things We Make
  5. Jason Santa Maria
  6. Miguel Ripoll
  7. Sam Brown

The Tim Van Damme Situation

We mention Tim Van Damme a lot in the video. I interviewed him over skype a few weeks ago so why not hear his thoughts on social media next?

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