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Notes from a Nascom Noob

Friday, February 20th, 2009

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notes from a nascom noob

I survived my first week at Nascom! I’m currently halfway through my second and the leprechaun jokes haven’t been too bad so far. [I’ll bet my inbox will be full of them after this post].

In case you don’t know me. I’m Paddy, the latest member of Nascom. Number 68 to be precise. I now have the pleasure of telling people that I’m a ‘Creative Strategist’, and the latest addition to the Tactic’s Squad.

I wanted to write a blog post about my first experiences at Nascom, giving the public an insight to the company, while also letting the other folks here know who I am. So perhaps a bit about me first?

I’m Irish for a start, as you can probably tell from my pasty ‘gets one week of sun a year’ skin. I come from the green place above, and my real name is actually Paddy, it’s not made up! I’m a web designer and blogger with a fondness for illustration. I completed a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Design about a month ago and my degree was in Interactive Multimedia Design before that. I studied social media and internet culture for my Masters, pretty much living on the Internet 24/7. I hope it hasn’t harmed my social skills, hmm, I’ll Google it and check.

Most of the stuff I’ve done you can find at my blog but the most successful projects would be my Twitter Interview Series, Web 2.0rigami and The Big Word Project.

If I said I moved to Belgium solely for Nascom I’d be lying. I fell for a Belgian lady so that’s why I’ve given up the land of green where rivers flow with Guinness. Oh and I like peanuts and the Stereophonics.

So that’s pretty much it about me, now to talk about my first experiences with Nascom. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. :)

Well actually I should begin just before the beginning. I started working here on Monday 9th February but planned to come in on Friday the 6th to say hi. Unfortunately nobody told me that Nascom hadn’t moved to the new office yet so that’s where I turned up to say hi… to some construction workers. Brilliant. Lucky it didn’t happen on my first day, that would have been embarrassing, although I have just told the Internet. D’oh.

So I finally made it to the right office [above] and spent one week here as the company was preparing to move to its new location [below]. I was amazed by the decoration of the office. It’s one of those cool, quirky, creative, geeky offices every web designer dreams of working in!

There’s a great sense of community here at Nascom and everyone gets on really well with each other. Within minutes of starting my first day there was pie and nerf gun fights along with a strange obsession for Benny Lava.

I must say I have watched the video about 40 times already so sign me up for the cult.

My first week was great fun. I got to work on some exciting projects, had some fun brainstorming sessions and met most of the other people here, who have really made me feel welcome. I will have to throw a house warming party, as soon as I get some furniture. By the way, when do I get my red hoodie? ;)

Just after I had got settled in one office, we moved to the extremely spacious new one at C-Mine, Genk. I wonder where we will move to next week?  The new location is brilliant, really modern with some interesting decor planned for the next month. But just check out my funky retro chair!

Advantages to being the non-dutch speaking foreigner at work?  I get out of answering the phone, at least until my dutch improves from just obscure and useless words like ‘ontstopper’.

Well I’ve had a great time so far, so I think I’ll stick around. If you want to come work here there are a number of other positions available at the minute so apply if you want to come have some fun here too!

If you want to see what Nascom are up to or find out more about the people here I would recommend following @NascomHQ on Twitter and checking out their friends. Anybody I don’t know yet can get me on Twitter @Paddydonnelly too.