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Post-it obsession

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

My long obsession with post-it notes + my new found love for origami.

I think this is a David Brent ‘merging of fingers’ scenario.

Post it notes are always fun, but now you can make beautiful little creations with these origami post its after you’re finished with your note, or before I suppose.  They come with various instructions on the actual post it, which is handy.   I’m interested to see how it works though.  Surely if you start folding then you might not be able to read the next step?  Could be a design flaw.  Think I’ll order some just in case :)

Surfed around on the site [when I should be working] and found some other geeky things I really want now!  Like the to do tattoo and the bacon wallet!

Seeing as this post is all things post-it, look what has appeared on the floor above me in Uni!

It’s a really simple and impressive idea.  It looks fantastic close up and from across the uni.  I’ve never put any of my creations on a large scale before and this student’s work has got me thinking.  There is definitely something oppressive about a large scale piece of work, and perhaps I could create something with a bit more strength if it didn’t fit inside a monitor?  Projection would interest me as a potential media.  Or a large scale post it creation?  Creatively speaking I should not limit myself at all.  I should be thinking not just about what could fit on a wall.  What if it covered a city?  What if the piece could cover the world?

A few ideas are floating around for my end of year show now.

Web 2.0rigami for real!

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Someone has accepted the origami challenge!  Gilad Aharoni created the Gmail logo in real life after being inspired by my web 2.0rigami icons.  How much does it rock!?

And Gilad also has put instructions on how to make it in PDF form at his site.

Could this be the start of something big?  The icons have gotten a lot of publicity over the last few days from the likes of Smashing Magaine and 37 SignalsSend me pics of your attempts at creating the rest of the set and I’ll post them on here!

Thanks again Gilad!  Legendary stuff.

Smashing Origami

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

To say thanks to Smashing Magazine, who generated a lot of publicity for my Web 2.0rigami icons over the past couple of days, here’s a little something for you guys.  Hope you like it :)

Web 2.0rigami

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

After creating my Twitter bird logo in an origami style a week ago, I wondered what other icons would look good all origamized.  Turns out a few of the web 2.0 apps/sites look great, so I decided to create a little collection for everyone to use as they see fit.  I suppose you could look at these with the view that web 2.0 companies can be extremely beautiful objects, yet are still very fragile and can be crushed instantly.

You can download the set of 15 below, which includes the origami icons in a variety of sizes in transparent pngs, and the PSD and EPS files.

Let me know what you think of them, and feel free to suggest any other ones to include.  I had a bit of fun with IE for all you web designers out there ;)

Web 2.0rigami [All files, PSD, EPS, transparent pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [Transparent Pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [PSD file]

Web 2.0rigami [EPS file]

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