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Interview with Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal.

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The Oatmeal has to be one of the most unique, unusual and hilarious masterpieces on the Internet at the moment.  I had the great opportunity to speak with the genius behind it, Matthew Inman. What a nice guy.

Check out the video to find out where Matthew gets his inspiration, what his favourite dinosaur is and his opinion on Deep Impact vs Armageddon.

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Interview with Jason Sadler from I Wear Your Shirt

Friday, April 10th, 2009

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How Did They Twitter?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks I interviewed a series of experts from various fields including Internet marketers, SEO experts, artists, podcasters, web designers and technology gurus.  I asked them questions about how they used Twitter, their thoughts on social media and how people can use it to promote themselves and their brands.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to give their thoughts.  Below are links to all the interviews so check them out.

Some priceless advice here from the people in the know.

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How do you Twitter: NewspaperGrl?

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Every day for the next week or so I will be interviewing a variety of marketers, advertisers, bloggers, SEO consultants, businesses, artists and Internet gurus on the latest micro blogging sensation to hit the interwebs, Twitter.

@NewspaperGrl, aka Janet MeinersThaeler, Internet marketing and online PR guru from, was kind enough to spare us a few moments from her busy schedule to chat about Twitter.  It was great to get the thoughts of someone who fully understands the benefits of social media in a professional sense.

Will we still be tweeting in 5 years time?

I’m sure we will. If we’re still talking we’ll be tweeting in some form. I think it’s interesting how people are building communities around Twitter now (i.e. Twitter Moms, Twitter SEO group). They are like niche social networks but they’re often a lot simpler to use and not as much of a commitment.

Do you feel you can trust a brand on Twitter?  You often don’t know who is tweeting, it could be anyone from the CEO to an intern.

If you care about a brand and you follow their tweets, it should become apparent. Obviously, Britney Spears tweets are written by her. Also, it depends on their style of tweeting. It’s fine for admins to tweet if all they’re doing is giving out deals or news headlines. If you have suspicions reach out to the person and ask. Hopefully they are up-front on who they are to begin with.

What does it say about a person when they protect their updates?

They really aren’t interested in connecting with anyone but who they choose to. They are using Twitter for another purpose. It’s like showing up to the party with your date and only talking to your date and a few people you both know. It feels like being snubbed in way when someone protects their updates but follows me. I’d do it if I set up a Twitter channel just for family. There needs to be a sort of and social network for Twitter…people get tired of having to write long letters and spend a lot of time. If it were fast and easy like Twitter families would use it to talk more than having newsletters or pages.

What was your first tweet? 10 extra points if it was ‘Checking out Twitter’ :)

March of 2007 my first tweet said: ‘going to lunch to talk online marketing & online PR’

How do you decide who to follow? Complicated algorithm?

I usually follow people from Utah so I keep up on what’s happening locally. Plus it’s good for managing my career to know what people are up to. We just bought a nice home and I’m not planning to move anytime soon. I’m really into local because I like meeting people in real life.  Of course I also follow the people I know, respect, and/or whose blogs I read. I also follow some newspapers like the NYTimes and LATimes. Really I just look at the # of followers, and what they write about (if the tweets are all @username I skip because how boring to just listen in on other’s conversations).

When people ask you ‘Where were you when Obama was elected?’ will your answer be ‘On Twitter’?

No – I’ll say at my house in front of the TV. I wish I were at the democratic national convention or even at the party locally. It was such a celebratory moment.

Are we losing our ‘real life’ social skills because of the increase in social media tools?

If it’s the majority of socializing you do – yes. I used to be much more social in real life. I’m actively looking for ways to improve, like joining Toastmasters, getting away from the computer more, etc. I just moved and lost the people I hung out with reguarly. I’m slowly making new friends most of who have no clue about anything I do (need to work on finding things in common).

If you could only follow one person’s updates, who would it be?

Oh, that’s tough. Maybe Google News?

Anything else to say about Twitter?

I love it! I wish I could turn up the volume. All these people talking through typing. It’s too quiet.


It was great to hear the thoughts of a real online PR expert.  I really appreciate it NewspaperGrl!  Definitely worth a follow if you are at all interested in online PR and social media.

Tomorrow’s interview will be with the CSS-Trickster Chris Coyier.

Wordee Number 6 – Francophile

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Meeting a Francophile in Paris…hungover :-\


Wordee Pamela

Hungover in Paris

Oh god I am dying.  Thank God I arranged to meet Pamela in the evening.  It was a heavy one last night with a load of Irish guys, very messy indeed.  So anyway, I got to meet Pamela in Paris and we decided to go to a wee wine bar down a nice dark alleyway [The sun was hurting my eyes] in the Latin quarter for a pint or two.  Pamela was great!  Pamela is a kind of Internet celebrity, featuring in her own comic strip ‘Geeks in Love‘. It’s pretty much a measuring stick for geekiness.  If you laugh i’m afraid you too sir are a geek :)

Geeks in Love

I’ve never before or since met such a self confessed francophile.  Pamela has been living in France for a few years now and loves everything about it.  We had great chats about all things French, from the language to customs.  (I made the mistake of ordering a drink at the bar, apparently you have to wait for the barmaid to come to you.)  We took a wee look at politics, the Internet culture and then got on to the real important stuff.  Eddie Izzard!  There’s a certain sparkle that people get in their eyes when the find another eddieizzardite, followed by a round of ‘covered in bees’, ‘cake or death’ and ‘death star canteen’ talk.

Wordee Pamela Poole

Thanks Pam

Pam blogged about out little meetup on her Frog Blog.  She called me ‘adorable’, aw  :”)  Pam is an absolute legend on the internet, spinning a lot of blog plates simultaneously, but still having time to buy a whole heap of words on The Big Word Project.

I totally forgot that Low Rider was playing in the background of our interview.  How much cooler does that make it? :)

Was great meeting up with you Pam, hope to run into you again someday, maybe when Im not so hungover :p