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Words that flutter

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Just stumbled upon this while browsing the old interwebs, and thought it was a good reminder to us all.  A bit reminiscent of the concept of Twitter I thought.  Maybe I’m obsessed though?

I’m number 181

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Always willing to give back to other interesting Internet projects, I have joined We Are Numbers!  I am officially number 181.  What a great number!  Did you know it is a twin prime number? [A number separated from another prime number by only two, 179 being it’s twin].

“Why is this fashion system so f4ck3d up? And why are we so stupid to keep following it? With We Are Numbers I’m trying to investigate how to create an improved fashion culture. Where the company (me) is creating only one (1!) design and tries to keep that innovative and exciting for as long as possible. Furthermore the company should be more humble. It should accept and promote that people are different. That is there no need to create an image. We are all beautiful as we are!”

This project, set up by Twan Verdonck, is aimed at challenging the fashion industry for it’s ‘one night stand’ approach to design.  Upset by the fact that companies like Louis Vuitton, Armani, Prada and Dior are creating clothing ranges that last no longer than it takes to get it home, Twan has developed ‘We Are Numbers’, a new sustainable way to create innovative fashion without the quick degradation of the product.  Anyone can join up by simply purchasing a tshirt for €25, they are then given a number based on the order they signed up and then they are officially a number.

The only thing Twan asks is that we send in a photo or video of ourselves showing off our shiny new tshirt.  I sent in one of me near Fairhead, Ballycastle and also photoshopped in a wee post-it note to say hello to my twin prime, 179.  Twan wants to create a comunity around the concept which is a great idea.  People are already contributing by offering gifts to other numbers.

Here’s a few final points from Twan about the project, definitely check out the site though and consider buying a tshirt.  I love being referred to as a number!  Something cool about being 181, and now I see that number everywhere I go… :)

  • One graphic print means: we are all the equal.
  • Everyone has a different number: we are all unique.
  • The number system gives us some idea of how the project evolves and may give us some feeling of being together.