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Same For You – Episode B

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Episode B of Same For You? just went live, you lucky things.

Same For You?

Episode B of Same For You features long, deep conversations about turbines and turbans, naming your devices after Russian space dogs, The Golden Girls, and a phone call to Bill Cosby, all with hilarious consequences.

Same For You?

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Living under a rock are we? If so then you might have missed the launch of Same For You? a new show by myself and @Takete where we take it upon ourselves to discuss extremely trivial topics and play fun games.

Same For You?

Episode A features entertaining chatter about dirty sounding song titles from the 80s, around Iceland on a Segway, a phone call to Mark Zuckerberg and the mysterious mystery of 26%, all with hilarious consequences.

Sales Guy vs Web Dude

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Remembered seeing this video months ago and spent about an hour trying to find it again.  When I finally did, I had to share it with you guys.

Spam of the Day

Monday, November 17th, 2008

7 new messages from ladies for you (dating)

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best regards, Natali(admin)

‘Maybe you should try your happiness here’?  Any happiness I have will not be used on (dating).  Great use of brackets there Natali(admin).

You’re no one if you’re not on twitter

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

If you haven’t heard this song by Ben Walker from I Hate Mornings then I’m afraid you are no one :p

A really inspiring song, which sums up Twitter and our journey with the internet beautifully.  Well maybe not ‘sums up’ as there are like 6 verses, but it does kick ass.  My favourite line in the whole song is the last: “And try to self-promote without being caught”

Very true.  Send Ben some love for his efforts @ihatemornings

The Lyrics

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter
And if you aren’t there already you’ve missed it
If you haven’t been bookmarked, retweeted and blogged
You might as well not have existed

In the old days it was all about achievements
Collecting all your trophies in a shrine
Then everybody came across the internet
And suddenly you had to be online

A home page was all you really needed
To seem like a success but not a geek
As long as you updated semi-annually
And checked your email once or twice a week

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…

Technology was moving rather quickly
And the next thing you needed was a blog
With intimate and detailed press releases
And now and then a photo of your dog

More recently the students brought us Facebook
And everybody has a hundred friends
The parties in the photos look amazing
They’re not so great but everyone pretends

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…

Now you need to publish every movement
And every single thought to cross your mind
I’m told the Twitterverse is full of rubbish
But most of us are actually quite refined

We validate each other’s insecurities
And brag about the gadgets that we’ve bought
We laugh out loud at every hint of jolliness
And try to self-promote without being caught

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…