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Wordee Number 3 – Mono

Friday, October 31st, 2008


Interview number 3 with Wimer Hazenberg, who redefined ‘mono’ and ‘show’.



So here I am in an extremely rainy Amsterdam and after a long day of boat rides, seeing Anne Frank’s House, buying overpriced iPod adapters etc, I’m due to meet Wimer at the quite hidden but really busy DeZotte Belgian bar.  I arrived first and luckily got a great seat just as you walk in the door.


After chatting to the barmaid for a while she was wondering how I had found the place as it’s a bar for locals and I tried to explain to her that it was suggested by someone who lives in Amsterdam.  ‘Ah a friend of yours?’ she asked.  ‘Eh not really’ I said.  I then tried to explain why I was meeting a complete stranger in a Belgian bar in Amsterdam and the concept of TBWP.

I have a funny feeling she didn’t get it and thought I was on some sort of weird blind date with a man I’d met on the internet.

Which when you think about it, that’s kind of what I was doing.

And then an extremely tall, Beck lookalike walked in.  Hello to Wimer :)

Wimer Hazenberg


It has become a bit of a tradition now for the Wordees to suggest a drink to sample from their fine coutry.  Wimer recommended Orval, one of the 6 Belgian Trappists made by monks, so thats what we had!  The glasses were a little bit small for the drink so they pour the rest into a shot with some sweet mixture for you to down after your pint.  Quite a nice wee idea and we gladly obliged.  Myself a Wimer chatted for a long time on what have become the regular topics of conversations with Wordees: relationships, beer, politics, culture, more beer and geeky internet stuff.


We then happily downed some Leffe and Duvel and after a couple of hours I had learnt that Wimer works for a software/web design company and that he is going to be soon employing someone for the first time!  How exciting is that?  Wimer redefined mono with his website, his ‘playground’.  It’s a great site with lots of interesting work so check it out!


We then decided to have the interview outside in the rain as it was really noisy inside. As my trusty cameraman Marty had left for an even rainier Belfast earlier that day we had to recruit the confused barmaid as our camera operator.  She gladly videoed us and Wimer then tried to explain the project in Dutch afterwards.  I still dont think she understood and to this day still thinks we were on a blind date.


It was great to meet Wimer and we at TBWP wish him all the best with the future of his company and hopefully he has a bit of good weather in Amsterdam soon :)