Shake Hands with a Stranger

We want YOU, yes You, the lovely people of this world to get out there and meet the other lovely people knocking about. Isn’t it sad that people don’t speak to each other any more? We always choose a seat on the bus away from everyone else. We sit beside someone at work for eight hours a day and don’t open our mouths to say hello. We want to change that! The next time you meet someone on a train, in the pub, at work or on the street, say Hello! Shake their hand and prepare to open up a whole new world of possibilities.

We want to document the adventures that people are having through Shake Hands with a Stranger. We want you to tell us what happened when you met that cute girl at the bar or when you said hello to the guy with the mohawk. You can upload pictures of you shaking hands with your stranger, plot the location on a map and tell us the story of what happened.


Shake Hands with a Stranger was my Major Project for my BA Hons Interactive Multimedia Design, where I aimed to change the way people interacted with each other, encouraging them to just get out there and shake hands with complete stranger.  The site, built with PHP, contains a fully working CMS where people can register, log in, add/edit/delete details, upload photos, plot points on a Googlemap and create profile pages.   This project, along with my other work, got me my First class honours :)