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That Monday Morning Tweeling

That Monday morning feeling seems to spread like wildfire across Twitter.  Tweets tend to have a bit more frustration in them at this time of the week, and I’m no exception. Here’s a collection of Monday morning tweets in my stream today. Don’t worry, Tuesday is just around the corner, then it’s mid-week, which is […]

Trying too hard to tweet

‘Twitter, Twitter, Twitter’.  No doubt this is what is being said in most board meetings across the globe at present.  With the power of social media becoming more and more evident, we are seeing companies trying their hardest to force services like Twitter and Facebook into the way they conduct business. Often, if not properly […]

7 tips for emailing busy people

I get quite a bit of email but there are some people out there who must get thousands every day and answering them would be near impossible. Here are 7 tips on to optimise your email when contacting someone busy, especially when asking for a favour. 1 – Make it personal I recently got an […]

Venn Diagram of IE6

I think this says it all. Follow me on Twitter to be the first to know about future creations.

Live Creation Process, Step 2: Sketches

Don’t even go near that computer! After getting inspired by other websites, books, art, nature or whatever, why would you go and ruin it all by diving in and opening Photoshop? What you need to do is buy yourself a Moleskine and doodle on the bus tomorrow. You need to be scribbling on napkins, sketchbooks, […]