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Single handedly the best web design conference of 2009… Seriously, I mean that. Who’d have thought that Belfast would be holding one of the most prestigious and kick ass conferences of the year? Every single aspect of Buildconf last week was absolutely perfect. Make sure and check out this article on my new blogazine as […]

The new blogazine

Taking inspiration from the likes of Dustin Curtis, Jason Santa Maria and Gregory Wood, I am in the process of creating my own ‘blogazine‘.  Each post on it will have it’s own custom design, based upon the content. Here’s a sneak preview of the design so far: Be the first to find out I’m working […]

Spam of the Day: Business or Pleasure?

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Hello, As a member of Dress Up Your Wedding’s leading wedding directory and community, you can come to expect a support team that honestly cares about helping your business reach its goals. Join us in our effort to grow your business. Get started on your free listing today by clicking here! Sincerely, The Dress Up […]

Hmm, looking a little different, eh?

Without much fanfare, a sneaky little redesign appeared at I Am Paddy in the dead of night. In my Live creation process blog posts: Inspiration and Sketching, something quite different was forming, but the blog your looking at now is becoming a thing of the past. I’ve got something far more interesting than a regular […]


Would I give up Twitter for this? In a heartbeat :)