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Lefft, my new portfolio site

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My new portfolio site has just emerged into the world wide web, blinking in its responsive juices. Have a look at to see some of my illustration and design work. More work coming there soon.

Announcing WeeNudge!

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So pleased to announce WeeNudge, a resource to help web designers educate their clients on the mysteries of the web. Created by myself and ‘Internet Ace’ Jack Osborne. We hope you like it.

It needs to ‘Pop’

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An age old favourite of clients which, without fail, causes immediate groans when it innocently flutters into the inboxes of designers. Along with its siblings ‘It’s a good start’ and ‘I think we’re almost there, but…’, this phrase does nothing but drive another wedge into that gap between client and designer… Make sure and check […]

Same For You – Episode B

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Episode B of Same For You? just went live, you lucky things. Episode B of Same For You features long, deep conversations about turbines and turbans, naming your devices after Russian space dogs, The Golden Girls, and a phone call to Bill Cosby, all with hilarious consequences. Make sure and subscribe to Same For You […]

Same For You?

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Living under a rock are we? If so then you might have missed the launch of Same For You? a new show by myself and @Takete where we take it upon ourselves to discuss extremely trivial topics and play fun games. Episode A features entertaining chatter about dirty sounding song titles from the 80s, around […]