God’s Post-it

I became a little bit obsessed with post it notes, sticking them ‘virtually’ on everything I could.  Suppose there’s worse things to be obsessed with.  After discovering a few creative things being done with post its, I wanted to create a little something.  God’s Post-it took about 2 hours one morning before uni started.

God’s Post-It

I was inspired after seeing other people being creative with post its [below].  I toyed around with a few phrases such as “Remember to fix the humans”, “Clean up tomorrow”, “To Do: Improve” and “Must finish”, representing tasks that God would still have to do as the Earth is a long way from being finished.

Another idea was to create a series of globes with different post it notes representing God’s tasks for each day when creating the Earth.  “Monday: Create Earth”, “Tuesday: Create Light” etc.  Most likely I would make it funny like include messages like “Keep an eye on snake” or “Day 8: create twitter”   Maybe I still will create something like this in the future but for now I really like the simplicity of the original [above].  It speaks volumes and the order of importance in signified by the ‘pick up milk’ task.