Are sites consisting of one word answers to a geeky observation getting old?

There are a few general themes running through my work, an important one being a commentary on the Internet’s latest trends.  More specifically though, is looking at the rise of the latest ‘must have’ feature or style and then how long it takes before it is overused enough to be considered ‘old’.  It seems to me that the arc of originality is becoming smaller and smaller, just like everything else in the world I suppose.

Someone talented creates something unique, then it is taken, repackaged (often not very much) and repeated and repeated until even the original is considered out of fashion.

Are sites consisting of one word answers to a geeky observation getting old?

I created ‘Are sites…‘ to be a reminder that we have entered that stage for One Word sites.  We should appreciate the original concept and be inspired to create our own projects with as much originality, but be different!

Is It Christmas?

The original, Is It Christmas, came into our lives around this time in 2007 and became a hit with nerdy people.  It made us chuckle for about 10 seconds, long enough for us to forward it on to a few people, and then we forgot about it.  It wasn’t long before the copycats started popping up.  Some of the earlier and better ones are listed below.

Is it Tuesday?

Appeared not long after the original, says ‘yes’ on Tuesdays and ‘no’ every other day, as expected.

Is Obama President?

This is one of the better imitations.  There is a bit of style with this one and to be honest, I watched it go from ‘Not Yet’ to ‘Almost’ and then finally to ‘Yes’.

Is Twitter Down?

These sites are essentially useless, their only function being a spot of entertainment, as the original intended.  To expect people to actually use it for updates is crazy, however being hypocritical, I did chuckle at ‘Is Twitter Down’ as I am a bit of an addict to the micro blogging site and am constantly frustrated by Twitter downtime.

Abe Vigoda Status

Perhaps some of the inspiration for Is It Christmas came from Abe Vigoda Status, which lists if the Godfather star is still alive.  This came about when People magazine reported him dead in 1982.


So yet another quite amusing idea has been overused and now it’s not considered ‘trendy’ anymore.  Two lessons can be learned from this.

Praise the original concept

  • Praise the original concept
  • Take inspiration from it, but be creative in your own way.