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I’m going freelance

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Every so often, just to keep yourself on your toes, you have to take a leap into the unknown.

After three fantastic years as a UX Designer at Nascom, I’ve decided to leave and embark on a new adventure into the big bad world of freelancing.

Since I was a kid, sketching the rabbits from Watership Down in front of the TV, I’ve always wanted to be an illustrator. Now, just like Fiver, Hazel and the others, I’m setting out on my own journey into uncharted territory.

After taking on a few illustration projects and opening my print store recently, I’ve seen that there just might be room for a little Irishman out there in the illustration world.

You can see my work at my portfolio site: and I’m interested in all sorts of design work, not just illustration, so if you’ve got an iOS app, website, application, print project or something completely different then don’t hesitate to email me.

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