Important! My blog articles have evolved recently. You need to see this.

The new blogazine

Taking inspiration from the likes of Dustin Curtis, Jason Santa Maria and Gregory Wood, I am in the process of creating my own ‘blogazine‘.  Each post on it will have it’s own custom design, based upon the content.

Here’s a sneak preview of the design so far:

blogazine paddy donnelly

blogazine paddy donnelly

Be the first to find out

I’m working on my first article and finalizing the blogazine’s design at the minute but you can follow me to find out when it launches.


Comments (4)

  1. All the very best Paddy on your venture……..

  2. Anto

    12 Nov

    Nice new theme here on your blog Paddy, bit more padding on the comments tho? :P.

    And ill be waiting for this, looks nice.

  3. Look forward to seeing this Paddy. It’s something I’ve been wanting to experiment with myself but I just have never got round to it.

  4. Paul

    30 Dec

    Hey I actually just added Dustin Curtis to the site. I am about to check out the two you listed that I hadn’t heard of yet (Jason Santa Maria, Gregory Wood).

    Anyway–e-mail me when you finish so I can add yours too. I’m building this site as fast as I can without sacrificing quality. I have good vision for and would appreciate if you submitted your blogazine when finished.

    So many people call their blogs blogazines at the moment I look forward to filtering thru the garbage and finding the true meaning of blogazines.