Important! My blog articles have evolved recently. You need to see this.

Hmm, looking a little different, eh?

Without much fanfare, a sneaky little redesign appeared at I Am Paddy in the dead of night. In my Live creation process blog posts: Inspiration and Sketching, something quite different was forming, but the blog your looking at now is becoming a thing of the past. I’ve got something far more interesting than a regular blog in the works, but I needed to replace this blog with a simpler design.

Quick and Simple

I did a lot of quick slashing of the content, links and widgets from the old site, which were dragging the site down and making it look so so messy.  Simplicity is key for this site and I wanted to keep it at the bare minimum.  There’s still a few bugs here and there as I haven’t been over all my old blog posts to see how they’re holding up, but that should be fixed soon.

Comments (10)

  1. <3 !!

  2. Well done on the redo Paddy, very neat.

  3. Looks good man, less definitely is more.

    Maybe one thing though: the monospace textarea font?

  4. Paddy

    14 Oct

    Cheers guys :)

    @Bob – Yeah there are a lot of little things to tweak. Thanks!

  5. Hey Paddy, nice job ;)

  6. I am rather curios to see what you have up your sleeve with this blog – that you needed to simplify it so much.

  7. Paddy

    14 Oct

    @Semblance – Stay tuned :)

  8. Nice work my friend – that’s a toite favicon. Liking the interviews page.

    My redesign is still on a long list of to dos – like you say, simplicity is key ;)

  9. Well done Paddy-boy! Love it. Less is more indeed…

  10. Nice job Paddy nice work. I love the simplicity look. I’m liking the letter pressed effect with your name and icons at the top :)