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Venn Diagram of IE6

I think this says it all.

venn diagram ie6

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Comments (31)

  1. Jonathan Schofield

    1 Sep

    Indeed it does.

  2. That’s incredibly accurate.

  3. Bob

    1 Sep

    Funny. Accurate.

  4. Wim L

    1 Sep

    You forgot oysters and Dutch beer for the right diagram. And zombies. And war, obviously.

  5. This is incredibly accurate indeed. I think you could lump the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana into the right diagram as well.

  6. @Wim L, I’m disappointed that you felt it necessary to group zombies with IE. I, personally, have taken a great deal of joy from the exploits of zombies and I welcome the oncoming Zopocolypse. IE6 on the other hand…

  7. That is hilarious! Can I add this image to my blog post: IE6 users are killing babies?

  8. Raf

    1 Sep

    Great and o so true diagram :)

    @Wim L: As long as u don’t mean Belgian beer because those definitely belong on the left :)

  9. Very funny!

  10. Paddy

    1 Sep

    @Wim – Think I forgot to add ‘clients who send images within Word files’ also :)

    @Joshua – Go for it! Just include a link back here, cheers.

  11. Awesome and accurate. Thanks for the laugh.

  12. So damn true!!!

  13. khainestar

    1 Sep

    I would have thought the gap between them would be wider.

  14. Fitri

    1 Sep
  15. I have to take issue with this. IE6 is wonderful. If we didn’t have to spend an additional 2 days making a site work in IE6, what would we do with our time? We might end up wondering the streets shouting at strangers and starting fights!

    Coding for IE6 is like simultaneously doing a sudoku, completing The Times crossword, studying quantum mechanics and designing space ships! It’s a challenge!

    Not only is IE6 intellectually stimulating but it’s a design guru. Wouldn’t life be boring with funny png backgrounds and random div placements?

    Like art, IE6 immitates life: quirky, eccentric, unpredictable.

    You’ll be criticising Netscape Navigator next!

  16. Made me laugh:) thanks!

  17. Stephen

    9 Sep

    @Wim L Zombies lumped with IE6…never!

    The traditional zombie is faster and more reliable than IE6. They are guaranteed to do their job and bite you, whereas IE6… who knows what the hell it’s gonna do to your sites lol!

  18. Guidouil

    2 Nov


  19. Mehrdad Nassiri

    3 Nov

    Great …
    Thank You :-D

  20. Tony

    30 Mar

    Lol. True dat!


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