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Interview with Elliot Jay Stocks

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Elliot over some beers in Leuven last friday, where he was speaking at the conference. He was kind enough to do a skype interview so here are the thoughts of a designer, illustrator, speaker, author, sometimes musician and international man of mystery

Elliot’s links

  1. Website
  2. Book
  3. EP
  4. Twitter


  1. Tim Van Damme
  2. Khol Vinh – Subtraction
  3. Squared Eye
  4. Mike Kus – The Things We Make
  5. Jason Santa Maria
  6. Miguel Ripoll
  7. Sam Brown

The Tim Van Damme Situation

We mention Tim Van Damme a lot in the video. I interviewed him over skype a few weeks ago so why not hear his thoughts on social media next?

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Comments (6)

  1. Great interview with this very nice young man, he seems like a nice guy doesnt he?

    I´ve never actually seen any of his designs though, except for his personal website.

  2. Nice inspiring interview!

  3. Cederash

    23 May

    Спасибо за пост. Позновательно.

  4. Enjoyed the interview Paddy & Elliot, found myself nodding in agreement with the SEO and Web 2.0 sillyness that is hopefully recognised as a phase by more switched-on clients by now. Eye magazine provided a great look at the trending style of web design last year and spoke about how inspiration had to come from somewhere else for truly unique web design; The Look of Web 2.0

    I am looking forward to seeing Elliot’s re-design and thanks Paddy for doing the ‘show’.


  5. Paddy

    24 May

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Gummisig – Yeah, Elliot’s a really nice guy. Keep a look out for his new portfolio to seem some great work.

    @Lawrence – Nice article. I’m so looking forward to ‘web 3.0’, although fully aware in the knowledge that smart web designers will most certainly not call it that. :)

  6. Jack F

    31 May

    A huge fan of Elliot’s work and his book, and he comes across as a super nice guy, would love to see him speak and meet him one day. Nice interview Paddy ;)