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Holographic World

Watched this with my architect girlfriend. We both were amazed. I think this is the future.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

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  1. Just awesome. I need to show this to my architect husband.

  2. Amazing and poignant and in some ways reflecting a similar message to what I pondered in a blog post last year (linked in my signature) about the possible dangers of keeping people ‘alive’ holographically. The final paragraph of that post was as follows –

    “‘Avatar’ is derived from a Hindu word referring to the incarnation, or bodily manifestation, of a higher being onto planet Earth. As we move ever closer to the capability of holographic home movie-making is there a danger that vulnerable minds will freeze frame the grieving process by grasping at the illusion of virtual reincarnation? Will we be possessed by avatars? Will it be harder than ever to let go? Not accepting the death of a loved one. Leaving them neither in the land of the living nor of the dead, but imprisoned between? In the Iron Age it was the dead who were sometimes left in limbo. In the information age it could well be the living.”

  3. Miskelly

    13 Mar

    One day filming and TWO YEARS post production, what was he at, did he forget about it for 18 months!

  4. Hey Thanks for Sharing Paddy,

    I little scary but hey, it could be the reality of our future…we will just have to see. Btw, just came across your blog and I am really diggin’ the content….


  5. Ronan

    23 Mar

    What you mean you think this is the way forward? Sure BANG your dead I just made a gun with my hand and then shot you! Your all dead, I’d kill you all. BANG (stop reading this).

  6. Christy McGrory

    17 Jun

    Thanks for sharing this, watching it at half 1 in the morning and my jaw just dropped through to the other side of the earth. Just found your blog through your Origami 2.0 Social icons post and I’m really liking it, it inspired me alot and reminded me that I should probably get on with the blog I’ve been making for the past year or so. Hope to see some more great posts like this one soon! :]


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