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How Do You Twitter: Mayhem Studios?

interview mayhemstudios

I got to chat with Calvin Lee, aka Mayhem Studios, Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, identity designer guy, blogger, part-time stunt double for the Hulk and nice guy!  Mayhem Studios is one of the most retweeted users and he gives us his thoughts on his Twitter addiction.

How can you trust a big name brand on Twitter? You never know who is tweeting, it could be anyone from the CEO to an intern.

calvinlee mayhem studios
Like anyone you meet online or in real life, trust will be built over time. Also depending on the content they are tweeting. Is the information useful to their followers or just a sales pitch? Do they engage with their followers?

Being a large name brand company with many followers. I understand they may not be able to respond back to everyone. It’s cool when they do. Like the time when Guy Kawasaki responded to my tweet and Chris Brogan gave me a shout out.

How do you think tools like Twitter have changed the way we interact online?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Twitter totally changed how you interact with people and large companies online. Most companies have a Twitter account with easy access to them 24/7, day or night. People are more open to contact a company if they are able to start an immediate conversation with feedback. I’m pretty sure companies are monitoring where their names are mentioned on Twitter.

Will we still be tweeting in 5 years time?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Five years is a long time from now. It’s really hard to say if Twitter will still be around but if they stay innovative and evolve, Twitter should be around for a long time. We will probably still be tweeting but maybe a different form of it.  May evolve into something like Tweetdeck, with groups or instant messenger features.

Have you become addicted to Twitter?

calvinlee mayhem studios
I think you already know that answer and anyone else that follows me. Haha.  As you know, I do tweet/retweet a lot. I mostly tweet about design or anything creative. I also tweet about seo, social media and self-promotion. I really enjoy promoting and helping others, get the word out. It’s a fun way to meet new friends and build your network. I do tend to get stuck in the time suck, which is Twitter. I always end up getting to events late. Haha

Do you think Twitter helps or hinders your work?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Twitter can be both, helpful and a hindrance. The good – get immediate feedback on your projects and designs or opinions on various topics. The bad – can bring your productivity way down, if you get caught in the time suck. Which is very easy to do. You need to balance the Twitter time, set certain times in the day, when to tweet.

Should every business be using social media tools in some form in 2009?

calvinlee mayhem studios
I know many businesses are a success without using any social media tools at all. I do believe they can still benefit from incorporating some social media tools into their promotional campaign. The key is staying visible with social media sites like Twitter and getting your name out there, even in busy times. It takes time to build a network of clientèle. If you start promoting in slow times, it’s too late.

How do you manage to follow over 2,000 people’s updates effectively?

calvinlee mayhem studios
I don’t really follow everyone’s updates and they are not all on at the same time. Lucky for me! I do follow updates of a core group I like. I scan through my stream to see if there is anything interesting to retweet or engage followers about their tweets.

It’s like being at a big party. You have your usual group of friends you talk to. Then you have all these other conversations. When I hear something interesting outside my group. I strike up a conversation with them. I’m always listening, even though I have a group of followers I talk to regularly.

Are we losing our ‘real life’ social skills because of the increase in social media tools?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Well, maybe I do lose some of my real life social skills but it has also helped me to be more concise and get my ideas out in 140 characters or less. Haha. I think I’m OK; since I do get out enough during the week, then hang out with friends on the weekends.

What are your thoughts on the power of the ‘Retweet’?

calvinlee mayhem studios
The retweet is a great and powerful thing. If you retweet useful info that benefits your followers and bring the good stuff, they will retweet you. Followers can see that you’re considerate in retweeting their tweets, will return the favor. As a result, it will build your brand, network, friendships, bring projects, trust, and credibility-expert in your field.

Who would you recommend following?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Besides you? Here are some of my picks.

@Logomotives – Jeff Fisher: Great logo designer, inspiration and self-promotion guru
@Vonster – Von Glitschka: Fantastic illustrative designer, giver of the design community
@OperationNice – Melissa Morris: Really nice designer, inspiration for others to do the same
@guykawasaki – Guy Kawasaki: Interesting dynamic social media guy to watch
@problogger – Darren Rowse: Helpful blogging/Twitter tips
@chrisbrogan – Chris Brogan: All around awesome guy with great social media tips

Anything else to say about Twitter?

calvinlee mayhem studios
Twitter is a great marketing tool if used correctly. As a result, I have contribute to articles and interviewed on few dozen websites and blogs.
Don’t sell! Share, give and tweet/retweet content that benefits others. Don’t ask for anything in return. Follow people with similar interests and industry.

Have fun and don’t take Twitter too seriously. Step away from Twitter once in a while. Balance is key.


There’s always a whole host of great links from Mayhem Studios, I know he retweets a lot of my stuff, so thanks Calvin! ;)

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  1. As always, thank you for the mention Cal! Very nice interview. – J.

  2. Hey Paddy

    Thanks for interviewing and letting everyone learn a little more about me.

    You Rock! :)

    – Cal

  3. Brigitte

    20 Jan

    Mayemstudios was one of the first people I followed when I started on Twitter. Cal posts are informative, and he’s always willing to answer a question for a newbie ;) thanks Cal

  4. Jim

    21 Jan

    Now I understand the big guy… I’ll be reading your tweets more carefully.

    Thanks Mayhem – keep it up.

  5. Great article. Cal is definitely a Twitter addict .. but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. Cheers to Cal for still using “naked” Twitter. I use Twitter the exact same way, which I think leads to more interaction with more people vs. getting sidelined by cliques. At the very least, it’s more fun that way. Kinda like getting dropped in the middle of a massive party and just chatting up whoever happens to walk by. It’s amazing how many of these people you’re able to keep track of over time.

  7. Indeed, Calvin tracks and spots many essential resources on design and the ones mentioned. He is also very friendly and ready to advise whenever he has time away from work and bodybuilding.

  8. Way to go cal! Great interview! You are the man! Definitely one of the best people on Twitter!

  9. Nice job bud. Keep the tweets coming – always valuable info.

  10. I love getting your new tweets, you always have amazing articles! Great interview, and I’m glad I’m not the only addict!

  11. WilhelmR

    23 Jan

    The “will we still be tweeting in 5 years” was my fav, nobody can really predict that :P

    Nice interview

  12. Thanks for everyones kind words! :)

    – Cal

  13. Exciting interview! Yeah, truly one of the most active people on the twitter I ever came across! Good job :)


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