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Did You Get An Email From Arnie?

Amongst all the Twitter technical problems and phishing attacks this week, there was one Tweet which shone through all the madness like a beam of ‘i’ll rip your arms off and beat you with them’ light.

I swear my finger clicked ‘follow’ faster than I thought possible! Although it’s mostly governor stuff at present (below) and not really that fascinating to me, how great is the possibility of getting an ‘@’ from Arnie!?

Hopefully Governor Schwarzenegger will start giving us pearls of wisdom like Shaq :)  His tweets always make me smile.

I must say I was thrilled as were many people by this email below.  It seems for the time being he is doing it manually himself but I’d say that will change seeing as he got over 2,000 new followers last night!  Amazing what’s possible when Kevin Rose‘s influence and Arnie’s legendary reputation meet on the Internet.

With the Daily Mail taking some notice of the latest celebrities to sign up to Twitter, it’s clear we’re going to witness a surge in tweets from hollywood and beyond in 2009.

We already have Barack Obama, Britney Spears, John Cleese, Stephen Fry and MCHammer, to name a few.

Personally the one Twitterer I want to see sign up is Eddie Izzard.  How fantastic would that be?

Who is next?

So it’s time for a quick survey everyone.  What celebrity should be on Twitter?  Who would you instantly follow if they signed up today?

Comments (8)

  1. I’d really like to see Danny Wallace on Twitter, he wrote the recently released Yes Man, and his musings every week in Shortlist are great!

  2. Anto

    9 Jan

    Arine, thats cool. But i cant help but think, it wouldnt be him updating it right? Just some slave at got paid eh? :P

    Anyway, followed him, *fingers crossed* for follow back lol.

    But anywhoo, bout the survey.. id like to see.. Tom Welling sign up, hes the dude that plays Clark in Smallville.

  3. Paddy

    9 Jan

    @Barry – Definitely, I love Danny’s other books too. I’m a Joinee! :)

    @Anto – Yeah you never know though. I have faith that it’s the big man himself and his iPhone he got for christmas :)

  4. Anto

    9 Jan

    Yeoo. He followed back, happy days :P

  5. Easy one!

    Kristin Scott Thomas ;)

  6. John Candy

  7. Cat

    9 Jan

    Ricky Gervais. Not really too bothered about others, even though I do love how many have been joining.

  8. cm

    11 Jan

    speaking from ‘personal experience’ – I can tell you that @schwarzenegger has nothing to do with Kevin Rose, although he IS influential in his own right! ;-)
    thanks for the blog posting!