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Have you ‘Extreme Stumbled’ yet?

I’d like to think I have an extreme lifestyle.  Sometimes I run up stairs really fast and get a little dizzy and I have been known to eat something that’s a day out of date.

Another one of my daredevil hobbies is ‘Extreme Stumbling’ [I think I may have coined a phrase there].

How to Extreme Stumble

Basically hold down cmd [ctrl on pc] + click like a madman on the ‘Stumble’ button on the StumbleUpon toolbar, opening loads of new pages in tabs.  I find this method of stumbling to be far superior than the regular boring method of one at a time.  Come on, that’s for sissies.

Extreme Stumbling is an inspiration overload!  It’s also a great way of seeing how much decent content you usually get in comparison to inspirational posters.


  • Keep hitting ‘Stumble’ until someone in the office looks to see what the noise is or until your finger falls off [My record is 113 open tabs]
  • Go through each tab one at a time.  Don’t be skipping ahead now!
  • Don’t close the browser until you have seen all tabs

Guaranteed to get:

  • An annoying sound/music playing from one tab that you cannot find
  • At least one naked lady
  • Inspired like hell


  • Finding your own site
  • Finding a duplicate

Anybody else do this or is it just me?

Comments (12)

  1. Liam

    4 Dec

    More “Guaranteed to get:”

    Computer smells of smoke
    Computer starts to melt
    Computer catches fire

  2. c wylie

    4 Dec

    113 open tabs? i don’t trust vista that much.

  3. Paddy

    4 Dec

    You guys have to try it on a mac then :)

  4. Phil

    5 Dec

    currently 87 tabs in 4 windows, though had more in the past. Will have to try this stumbling thing a bit more.

  5. LOL you really are mad!

  6. George Moore

    30 May

    Just tried this on the iPhone and broke three fingers (comment took 14 minutes to type). Ouch.


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