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Web 2.0rigami

After creating my Twitter bird logo in an origami style a week ago, I wondered what other icons would look good all origamized.  Turns out a few of the web 2.0 apps/sites look great, so I decided to create a little collection for everyone to use as they see fit.  I suppose you could look at these with the view that web 2.0 companies can be extremely beautiful objects, yet are still very fragile and can be crushed instantly.

You can download the set of 15 below, which includes the origami icons in a variety of sizes in transparent pngs, and the PSD and EPS files.

Let me know what you think of them, and feel free to suggest any other ones to include.  I had a bit of fun with IE for all you web designers out there ;)

Web 2.0rigami [All files, PSD, EPS, transparent pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [Transparent Pngs]

Web 2.0rigami [PSD file]

Web 2.0rigami [EPS file]

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Comments (468)

  1. Lee Munroe

    12 Nov

    Very cool, nice work!

    They kind of look real, like you’ve physically made them and took a photo. That’s your next task, to make them all out of origami.

  2. Kyle Boyd

    13 Nov

    Ahh Super job, these really look the business and very useful too.

    Free as well! Arent you nice… its not I am paddy, its ‘We love Paddy’…

    Until your next exciting event…

  3. Quality, the Firefox one is stunning, there all brilliant lol

    I agree with Lee, the physical form is hard to beat lol.

  4. wien

    13 Nov

    flicker looks questionable but all look great! nice work

  5. David Hughes

    13 Nov


    Definitely agree - Firefox one is top class. Opera one is equally great.

    Which was the hardest to create?

  6. Paddy

    13 Nov

    Cheers everyone!

    @Lee Yeah how sweet would it be to have a real life version of the Firefox logo! Gonna have to get a ‘origami for dummies’ book I guess.

    @David Actually to be honest I had the most trouble with Delicious. How do you make four squares look like they’re made of paper?! Struggled with that for a while :)

  7. Tammy Hart

    13 Nov

    I add my vote that these should really be made with paper, it should be a challenge.. no… a contest! What do we win? :P

  8. Mitternacht

    13 Nov

    These are gorgeous and so original, thanks a lot for your efforts. So different from the usual web 2.0 look.

  9. radiz

    13 Nov

    pretty love it :D

  10. devolved

    13 Nov

    Nice work, is good to see people with a different take on the usual fair

  11. B3thy

    13 Nov

    very cool! great idea :)

  12. Dan

    13 Nov

    Great looking!!

  13. Leon Poole

    13 Nov

    wow - these are all really nice! But I also question the Flickr one… reads like F*ckr .. no? The i in Flickr should have that dot with space back.

  14. Pixites

    13 Nov


  15. Tanya Nichols

    13 Nov

    Truly Beautiful. Inspiring as well. Perhaps a poster? So many lovey ways to lay out those icons. Thanks!

  16. leethal

    13 Nov

    Perfect interpretation of the Internet Explorer 7 logo!

  17. denisig

    13 Nov

    I think it’s just awesome. Like it so much))

  18. Totally LOVE it!

  19. Paddy

    13 Nov

    Thanks all!

    @Tammy Awesome idea! Hmmm, a prize? I dunno, any suggestions? But yeah, Im gonna give it a go. Send me any pics of your own efforts!

    @Leon Yeah I see what you mean. Oops. To change or not to change…

    @Leethal Thanks, had to sneak that one in for all those late nights struggling with IE

  20. Claudia

    13 Nov

    Really wonderful! Can I spread the word? :D

  21. Nice work and great idea. Thank you iampaddy.

  22. donotfold

    13 Nov

    Haha, love what you did with the IE logo ;) Nice work!

  23. rishi

    13 Nov

    that is sooo cool! Nice job

  24. Violet

    13 Nov

    Hey! Nice work! :D

    Thanx a lot for sharing :).

  25. grin

    13 Nov

    great great stuff

  26. matt

    13 Nov

    I also love the IE7 logo!

  27. mezu

    14 Nov

    Great idea, still..the Firefox one beats them all. IMHO :)

  28. 86me

    14 Nov

    What about two triangles for the Apple logo. Or maybe 4, an X.

  29. ptamaro

    14 Nov


  30. mc

    14 Nov

    very nice, and good thinking :)

  31. Argelia

    15 Nov

    Ty for sharing it, i wrote about this note on my blog.
    Ty again

  32. Adam

    16 Nov

    These are awesome! Thanks

  33. Gilad Aharoni

    17 Nov

    Hi Paddy,

    Your post inspired me to come up with a real origami representation of the Gmail logo!
    Check it out here:
    with the instructions for folding it.

    So, do I get a prize? ;-)

  34. Lizzeh

    18 Nov

    Hah! wow these are fabulous! Great stuff! :) Your theme is wicked too!

  35. Paddy

    18 Nov

    Thanks everyone for the kind words, and to everyone who blogged about the icons.

    @Gilad your real life gmail origami is amazing! It needed a post of its very own

    If anyone else has a go at making real origami icons then email me your pics and I’ll post them on the blog.

  36. Guy

    18 Nov

    Really nice work! Very creative

  37. s4ndeep

    18 Nov

    nice! the Gmail is superb!

  38. ReniX

    18 Nov

    Thanks for these nice icons!

  39. Merijn

    18 Nov

    Keep it coming, these are great!

  40. Brian

    18 Nov

    The Flickr one looks like it might be saying something else ;)
    Everything else is superb though!

  41. Jaypee

    20 Nov

    Excellent stuff! Very creative and inspiring. My favorite has got to be the Firefox origami. Thanks for sharing! :D

  42. Very creative and not only for the icons, I also think your site is very creative

  43. Paddy

    25 Nov

    Thanks everyone for all the comments. I really appreciate it!

  44. Mike

    5 Dec

    Nice Folding !!

    Very Cool…..

  45. Carlos

    5 Dec

    Muchas gracias por compartir los iconos, muy bellos

  46. This is pretty amazing man! I’m glad I found your site.

  47. Paddy

    6 Dec

    Thanks everyone!

    More illustrations will be coming in the near future :)

  48. CRAIG

    10 Dec

    The fickr one looks like it says a bad word…

  49. Alberto

    10 Dec

    Hi Paddy,

    Any chance we could see either a Tux logo or an Ubuntu one? :)

    I’m dying to paste it in the back of my notebook!

    Excellent work!

  50. Antilogic

    10 Dec

    Superb, there isn’t really much more I can say!

    Great work!

  51. Caleb

    10 Dec

    Thank you sir, you just made my week. Your icons are all fun, but your IE implemenation made me hit the floor. Thanks for dragging a laugh out of the bane of my existence.

  52. Paddy

    10 Dec

    @Alberto I’ll see what I can do, no promises though :)

    @Caleb Glad I made you hit the floor :D

  53. AixiA

    10 Dec

    Very Nice! Thanks.

  54. Jon

    10 Dec

    Flickr….kinda looks like Fuc- erm never mind. very nice

  55. Andrew

    10 Dec

    I’d love to see one for Google Chrome if you have time =)

  56. Paddy

    10 Dec

    @Jon Yeah I noticed that afterwards. Thought it was funnier to keep it like that though :D Bear in mind, I do not have anything against Flickr!

    @Andrew who knows, some more may be in the pipeline…

  57. Pav

    11 Dec

    Cool site. Bookmarked.

    These are great Paddy! How about designing an icon set and possible characters (which will later be animated) for our startup?

    The website linked gives an example of why I think your origami style designs are in the exact line of thinking we need for potential ideas.

    We were going to go with mannequins (explain why later), but I love what you have done here! If you are able to get in touch I will show you my sketches for our startup (MIVUI). If not, I will stalk you.

  58. Marie Goodart

    12 Dec

    I absolutely LOVE your origami icons. Could you say a little bit about your process? I’m catly-curious.

  59. lee starusta

    12 Dec

    wow… creative!!

  60. Paddy

    12 Dec

    @Pav emailed you there :)

    @Marie Hmm, interesting. Yeah I might do a blog post with some design tips and techniques for logo design, thanks!

  61. dang

    14 Dec


  62. Maria Paz

    16 Dec

    Great Job! love origami and your digital work it is fantastic. From Argentina I put you an Exelent and a happy smile. I hope you can make this with original Origami tecnic and take photos of them. Have a nice day and again, great work.

  63. Paddy

    16 Dec

    @Maria Thanks! Someone has attempted to make them in real life!

  64. Jennkim

    19 Dec

    These are great and thanks for sharing them. We also have 1 on our website ( and if interested, can send you a template.

  65. Carl

    19 Dec

    Love the origami. The fortune teller concept inspired us to build a working digital one for the frontspiece of our agency website.

    If anyone wants to design a foirtune teller for our site we will put it up and give you a credit on our blog.

    Thanks for sharing this it looks great!

  66. Paddy

    23 Dec

    Nice looking Origami you have there :)

  67. Бежен

    24 Dec

    Что то Автор совсем перестал писать темы и даже админить блог? Может чего случилось?

  68. achute

    24 Dec

    wow! and thanks.

  69. Muhammad

    4 Jan

    Awesome work, I would like to use these, and is that okay?

    I was wondering if I can just put some text in it, something like “follow me on twitter” under/next to the icon. I will credit you for sure and I really like these icons!


  70. Paddy

    4 Jan

    @Muhammad Yeah go for it, feel free to use them as you like, just give me a link back or something :)

  71. Конечно. Фактов всегда достаточно – не хватает фантазии. Желаю автору ее поболее :)

  72. Can’t believe I missed this post! I was away in Hungary at the time, with no connection to the net. These look ace man.

    I recommend a group get together to make giant versions of these, imagine it paddy, you know you want to! lol

  73. Sujoy

    8 Jan

    Great Job. Loved the designs!!!

  74. Dani

    8 Jan

    Oh shit, damn shit you are so creative man. I pass on your site to others. I doff of my hat to you a hundred times. Keep it up. I am your stalker from now on.

  75. Paddy

    8 Jan


    @Stephen - Sounds like a plan! :)

    Thanks Dani! Always good to have nice stalkers :)

  76. EiNS

    17 Jan

    thank you so much :D

  77. Alessandro

    18 Jan

    You know?! I think your work is incredible gorgeous! But you should get back to the drawing table and do the following icons:
    1. Safari is a must
    2. Mail
    3. Messenger: Mac
    4. iCal
    5. Office Suite
    6. iPhoto

    Yes you are right! That’s currently on my dock!
    Cheers for all mac users!

  78. Xray

    3 Feb

    Свобода слова на блоге - это всегда хорошо! Главное, чтобы общественности было что автору сказать :)

  79. RedEye

    5 Feb

    Спасибо! Буду теперь заходить на этот блог почаще! :)

  80. Web Hosting

    8 Feb

    Very nice work.

  81. Andrew R

    9 Feb

    Haha, I didn’t even recognize the IE logo until I saw others mention it…

    You know the Flickr logo is two dots, right? T’would be creative to origami-ize that, imo (more than just two pieces of paper, that is).

    Other icons you might try: google chrome (I like their logo, not so much their browser), thunderbird/sunbird, the reddit alien, maybe the gimp.

    I could see an icon set like this being used for a themed desktop or as part of a blog’s social networking section… very nice!

  82. Ch4v3z!!

    9 Feb


    well, i’ve been a while doing origami and i want to say, if i may, that orgami structures dont necesary are so separated… indeed they are square-like shaped, but they can be like this:
    but, hey! that doesn’t make them not worth of praise! can i suggest the “G” from google?



  83. Tenki

    12 Feb

    WOAH! I am taking a lesson named here in my country “Ingeniería en papel” and it´s the architecture with paper Of course X_X! Whatvs, it´s pretty difficult for me, so I´d started looking for information and that stuff, and I found your job! It looks really cool! I am gonna see the files and trying to understand this art in a better way! =D Thank you so much for uploaded this w(_ _)w

    =D I definitely wanna see more of your job!

  84. børge

    12 Feb

    Very cool icons! How about making one for Miro (just released 2.0): and (Free/Open source microblog (like Twitter, but with more functionality, and it talks with other microblogs via OpenMicroBlogging)):

  85. Nirav Thakker

    1 Mar

    Super awesome!!! FTW!!!

  86. sivas

    22 Mar

    very good, thank you

  87. Daniel Holm

    23 Mar

    Very nice, indeed. I will definitely use some of them. Can’t you make one out of the Ubuntu logo to?


  88. Geoff

    26 Mar

    Sweet work. I love these icons.

  89. Ray

    28 Mar

    Wow! Excellently done. They look wonderful.

  90. no

    29 Mar

    Apple and iTunes are Web 2.0 now?

  91. Susann

    1 Apr

    Absolutely fantastic!

  92. kuflu

    8 Apr

    this origami icons are very pretty :)

  93. Хм… что-то у меня ссылка не открывается, которую указали. Это у всех так?

  94. Susan

    14 Apr

    Beautiful, clean, sharp, and original. Great Job!

  95. Jeremy

    18 Apr

    Great work! Very creative!

  96. Mazil

    20 Apr

    Awesome icons :D I found them through googling for a twitter icon, the firefox one especially is gorgeous!

    I used a modified version of your twitter icon on my personal website, I hope you don’t mind! It matched my origami theme really well.

  97. Simon

    24 Apr

    Fantastic icons thanks! I have put a link to them on my blog.

  98. designersiva

    6 May

    Hi designer

    great job, thanks for sharing graphics

    with love

  99. Really wonderful icons.. i love ‘em all.

  100. Lena

    14 May

    It looks great! I started doing origami last year and it is so much fun.

  101. thats awsome

  102. Emin

    15 May

    Wow, really great. It’s a wonderful idea and a powerful outcome. The method of making these is also easy and allows others to make there own “origicons”. congratz and thx.

  103. Nawyl

    16 May

    very good creation!

  104. el4life

    17 May

    very much thank’s..

    keep sharing, paddy, :)

  105. Банкир

    19 May

    Спасибо за статью. Навело на ряд идей, щас попробую, отпишусь по результатам.

  106. Christiano

    24 May

    Jipagito made in Rondônia very good!

  107. Andrew

    28 May

    Lovely and unique icons… Thank you for these!

  108. Age

    29 May

    Any chance you could make icons for Facebook and LinkedIn?

  109. Laura

    2 Jun

    these are really great, thanks!!

  110. Wow - love this work!
    Out standing!

  111. What a refreshing take on the typical social media icon set.

  112. Ram

    19 Jun

    icons look cool, nice… can give a idea, how to make shape of a bird like wise using a paper

  113. Mark

    23 Jun

    Excellence icon…thank for sharing…

  114. ADRIANA

    4 Jul

    Excellence icon

  115. WoW! These are so cool and very creative. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  116. Akram

    11 Jul

  117. Joseph

    17 Jul

    these are amazing. I hope you dont mind if I use them on my blog?

    definitely will credit them to you. awesome work

  118. aneildo

    20 Jul

    I love these icons

  119. LazAlican

    27 Jul

    I love these icons

  120. thhankss

  121. nice, thanks ;)

  122. Chris

    7 Aug

    Very nice, I love the idea, how you merged a zillion year old paper folding art with all these web icons!

  123. hi, thanks for these really cool icons :)

  124. dia

    17 Aug

    you r creative

    I loved your work

    very nice

  125. DB-Elements

    7 Sep

    Very funky and cool! Thanks for posting…

  126. Great work! My favorite is the FF icon, though StumbleUpon looks nice too.


  127. Truly awsome set! Love it!

  128. Alexander

    20 Sep

    Amazing Icons, I use them on my site and to be honest they make the entire site look more impressive. You should def make more, more, more… I will link to your blog since I think you do amazing work and will also include your work in an article since obviously having eye popping icons on a site can greatly increase the sites quality.

    Good Job

  129. Great and very refreshing work!

  130. Skype logo looks good to me.

  131. love them! thank you!

  132. Opera and Skype - wonderful ))) cool

  133. shawn

    10 Oct

    Not that you need to hear it again, but you did a great job on these! So creative and what great execution. Clap! Clap! Clap! nice work!!

  134. Bart

    26 Oct

    awsome! I don’t wanna use them on my site as icons, they would miss their goal. But it still is amazing work. well done!
    favorites: firefox and opera

  135. Jim

    7 Nov

    Your work is not only highly creative, it’s absolutely of the most intricate quality. Bravo to you and your work.

  136. shop

    9 Nov

    love them! thank you very much

  137. Very impressive.. But, can you create a complete icon set for all social networks? :P

  138. nick

    13 Nov

    pretty awesome. that was the first set of icon sets I liked from the first sight… well done!!!!

  139. Chelsea

    18 Nov

    Beautiful! Could you make Facebook and Wordpress ones as well?!

  140. Nafa

    22 Nov

    Good work,
    thanks for share

  141. banana

    2 Dec

    what about facebook?

  142. Mate! These are awesome!
    I’m playing around with new designs for my website. I’m going to see if they fit, if they do, they’ll be proudly up on my new website!

    cheers dude!

  143. Hahaha, these origami logos rock! You should atleast get a thankful note from the companies if nothing else. Good work!

  144. Rofl at IE icon!
    You sir are made of win.

  145. MRE meals

    21 Dec

    This is awesome! Simple but elegant. Keep up the great work!

  146. jagoane

    31 Dec

    Great. and I like it!!

  147. Taimur Khan

    2 Jan

    Hey nice one … i added this to my grand post .. I have collected icon packs from 60 different websites .. Its a big collection of all social media icon packs at one page .. u r gonna love it .. 60 Original Social Media Icon Packs

    ENjoy !!

  148. I tried to make a chrome origami logo, but i sucka at this, don’t have the touch that paddy does …

  149. Matt

    12 Jan

    Hot damn, love the concept. How is your work licensed? Creative Commons?

  150. tks you beatıfulll

  151. Gelizle

    13 Jan

    Could you make Facebook and Wordpress ones as well?!

  152. moritz

    16 Jan

    Hey, great icons. ever thought about putting them on some bittorrent site for better bandwidth ( and saving your own :-) )?

    keep up the great work!

  153. these icons are so amazing & unique I would say that I will definitely use them on my site @ a later date. Thank you.


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