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Announcing ‘Wee Rockets’, iPad game for kids

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So excited to announce Wee Rockets, a little kids iPad game that @hufkens and myself have made. Let your kids build their own rockets on the iPad, launch them into space and race through the asteroid field to rescue all the aliens. Go get it in the App Store.

I’m going freelance

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Every so often, just to keep yourself on your toes, you have to take a leap into the unknown. After three fantastic years as a UX Designer at Nascom, I’ve decided to leave and embark on a new adventure into the big bad world of freelancing. Since I was a kid, sketching the rabbits from Watership […]

The Store is Live!

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My little store just went live on the Internets! You can find some of my prints for sale here.

New episode of Same For You?

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without Same For You? Well it would. Actually, Christmas would probably be better without you subjecting your loved ones to the favourite podcast of webmasters everywhere. Join us on a technically challenged journey around the world and its vegetables, with Nicolas Cage, and hilarious consequences. Listen to the latest episode here […]

Print store coming soon

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I’m going to make a few of my illustrations available as prints. Some new. Some old. All nice. Sign up here to find out first when the store goes live.